Trasimeno Music Festival 2019: Sky Shopping – Homage to Brahms by Jovanka Trbojevic

Piia Komsi, soprano and cello Sala Podiani, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Perugia, Italy 4 July 2019 Photos: Eleonora Dottorini @ Studio diFoto Jovanka Trbojevic (1963 –2017)

Sky Shopping – Homage to Brahms – for coloratura soprano and cello

“Sometime ago I sat beside Piia Komsi’s twin sister Anu at a concert, getting ready to listen to Brahms 2nd piano concerto. I gave my compliments to Anu on her dress, and she answered “Thank you. I began shopping five years ago in Porto”. Brahms started. After the concerto’s second movement, Anu whispered: “Yep, that Brahms never got that Clara”. We had a lot of fun that evening. And Anu’s words got stuck in my mind. Later on I wrote them down and created a new concept around them. Brahms must have inspired me! I wrote a kind of nonsense text, with romantic connotations and sarcasm towards contemporary values. I wrote names of clothing items, with exaggerated excitement of shopping, and scientific names of cloud types in Latin, with descriptions of their heights and shapes, and of consistency of different cloud classes. I mentioned the contemporary Mecca of everything one can think of –the great New York. The famous words “Dr. Livingston, I presume?” turned into something else, etc. Chaotic! – like the world around us. But there is a romantic longing for the past, too. Sky Shopping is especially composed for Piia Komsi. It’s got enough challenge for one person, I presume.” © Jovanka Trbojevic